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Dockside Magazine story about heat and vacuum drying



Who, What is Dryhull

Dryhull has developed a scientific, repeatable, patent pending process for drying cored structures. The two year old process, developed by a noted industry expert for the drying of cored structures, has been proven by over 10,000 hours of drying activity.

Large Boats are built using a core structure, that in many cases, becomes saturated with water due to improperly installed hardware or damage due to the hull and deck. The water saturation can destroy the structural integrity and the value of the craft.

The Dryhull process uses vacuum and heat to remove the large amounts of moisture typical of core drying. The machine is designed specifically to withstand the high moisture and contaminate loads that occur in the core drying process.

 The revolutionary process, endorsed by Alcan Baltek Corporation, the worlds leading producer of Balsa wood and synthetic cores, is the result of years of industry experience in boat repair and experimentation.

Dryhull is located in Vernon, CT. Our location provides for our machine service, manufacturing, machine operation technical assistance and sales.

The management team comprises over 125 years of combined experience in machine fabrication and marine repair.

More Time on the water ....Less Time Removing It

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